Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Materials Needed: Books!

-A wide variety of topics, levels, subjects
-The goal is to have MANY books to meet all your students needs and interests

Where to Get Books: 
(Without breaking the bank)

-Scholastic Book Club (sign up & start sending out book orders, gather bonus points)
-Garage Sales, Thrift stores, dollar store, discount stores
-Family and Friends
-Craigslist (Free section) 

Book Bins/Boxes: 
-Plastic bins I use these bins from  The downside is, they are expensive.  
-Paper magazine files work great!   You can  purchase these for very inexpensive at Ikea. 
-Large Ziplock bags - Some teachers like bags if students have desks. 
Storage of book bins should be easily accessible to students.         
Book bins are labeled with names and reading
levels.  Students keep 5 Just Right Books in 
their bins.     

Comfortable Reading Areas/Spots: 
*Use what you have               *Be creative!              *Think cheap- inlist the help of friends and family! 
(hand made with $1 a yard fabric and a cheap pillow from ikea) 

Stuffed animals are cuddly friends to read to! 

 Folding chairs are great for storage!

These type of pillows create instant nooks for reading!

 Adult size reading chairs are perfect for teachers and students to read in.

This park bench is a big favorite in my classroom. 
My mom actually purchased it from a yard sale for very inexpensive! 

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