Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Right Books

Just Right Books 

Book Shopping
-Students use their book shopping time to choose new books and return the books they've read. 
-Can be down weekly, or multiple times per week depending on your student's need. 
*Most important come up with your routine- teach it, practice it and keep it consistent!

 Choosing a Just Right Book
I use Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

Too Easy
Too Hard
Just Right

Shoe comparison!
-You need bag of all different styles and sizes of shoes.
-In front of the group, you begin to pull out shoes looking for a pair of shoes for maybe "at work" or "going to the park".  As you pull out high heels, baby shoes, you comment on how these shoes are too big, too fancy, etc.
-Finally you end with choosing the shoe that fits the purpose, you like the "look" and it fits.  You find the shoe that is JUST RIGHT!

Five Finger Test
Student opens to a random page of the book and reads the page.
Each time they come to a word they don't know, they put up a finger.
At the end of the page,
0-1 Fingers up-- MAYBE too easy?
2-3 Fingers up--- MAYBE Just Right?
4 or more Fingers up--- MAYBE too hard?

* I always say "maybe" because there are many factors that go into choosing a Just Right Book, not just knowing the words.

I choose a book
Purpose: Why do I want to read it?
Interest: Does it interest me?
Comprehend: Am I understanding what I am reading?
Know:  Do I know most of the words?  (5 finger test)

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