Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Classroom Library Questionnaire

This is a list of questions to consider and reflect on your current practices with your library.

Classroom Libraries—Essential Questions

o     Is my library an inviting place for readers?

o     Can my readers easily find what they’re looking for?

o     Are my books and bins clearly labeled?

o     How are my books organized by topic, genre, theme, etc.?

o     Are there enough just right books for students to read daily?

o     Does my library reflect the work we are doing in our classroom?

o     Does my library reflect the range of interests and abilities of my students?

o     Does my library provide opportunities for students to explore a wide variety of literature and other kinds of reading materials?

o     Does my library have enough books at each level to support all my students’ volume and growth as a reader? 

  • How will I supplement my library to meet my readers’ needs? (book room, library, partnership, etc.)

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